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Dartmoor National Park

London according to Marko

It’s been five years since Marko moved to London. So here is a little video of his thoughts about London now.

#monthinminutes – March 2017

So March came and went. There were some serious disturbances in the world, but despite that spring came to London.

We enjoyed some quality time with our friends and family, including some proper St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans.

So here is March.

Puerto de Mogán – Gran Canaria

Almost hidden between the mountains of Gran Canaria is a small fishing village called Poerto de Mogán. It’s canals have earned it a nickname Venice of the Canaries.

#monthinminutes – February 2017

On global scale, month of February started with travel-ban chaos and “Bowling Green massacre” in US, ended with Brexit bill being passed to House of Lords without guaranteeing EU citizen rights to stay in UK.

On Beard scale it was an exciting month of interesting projects that included travels to cold and snowy Estonia and wandering in the woods. Also filming a vlog in Barbican. And on top of everything else – Holiday in Gran Canaria and a hike to North of the Island.

#monthinminutes – January 2017

When it comes to Christmas trees, January is particularly sad – you know… in December they are being brought in, made feel important and special. Then come January, they are out on a street. It’s a disaster, very sad…

On broader scale – January 2017 introduced the beginning the new era of Trump’s alternative facts and people finally got some clarity in regards of Brexit… Yes still happening…

But in this odd soup of sad Christmas trees and alternative facts, the world keeps turning and we are appreciating spending time with our friends, going to the movies and theatre and checking out luxury yachts. We also find that it’s equally important to surround us with artsy foxes, show solidarity with 100 000 people on Women’s March. And continue travelling and exploring…

Well… long story short – this is our January 2017:

12 very very useful apps for London

We had a look at our phones and decided to list the apps that we tend to use more often than not to make our lives little more streamlined in this hustling-bustling metropolis called London.

List of apps is below, but make sure to check out the above video to see more about the apps themselves and how they help us.

Getting around:
– Google Maps
– CityMapper
– Uber
– Hailo

What’s happening:
– Time Out
– Yplan

– OpenTable
– Deliveroo
– Just Eat

– Prime Now

– WhatsApp

– Any weather app (because, you know… this is all we talk about here…)

Before you start using these apps, please make sure to check your data provider’s terms and conditions as charges may apply if you use them outside of WiFi network.

We are curious to know what apps you are using and if there’s anything crucial we might have left off. Leave your comment here or under the video.

And obviously, if there are any topics you are interested about London, please let us know and we can look into them.

#monthinminutes – December 2016

With Britain still being decisively indecisive of how to actually tackle the whole situation called Brexit (you know… only 6 months have passed after all) and US president elect tweeting all sorts of mixed messages left and right, one thing remained certain – Christmas and 2017 were coming.

So, our lives rolled on in holiday spirit – for the first time in ever we even got a tree!

Full December antics are now up on our YouTube channel.

London Christmas Lights 2016 (part 2)

Beards are now off to celebrate Christmas with loads of food and merry times.
But before we do, here’s a part 2 of London Christmas lights – featuring Backyard Cinema in Elephant and Castle, Christmas market at South Bank, bio fuel energized lights at North Bank and Christmas tree on Trafalgar square (all the way from Norway)

Btw, did you know that North Bank was the first area in London, to get electricity?

For now – Take care of yourself and each other! Take care of your beards! Have a very Merry Christmas! Olge muhedad! And see you in 2017!

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