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Once upon an ancient Roman time there was a deity called Mithras. According to legend he one day slayed a bull and men around him decided to start worshiping him. For 4-5 centuries they built temples far and wide across the empire, formed a cult and performed rituals that are not really known nowadays.

About 1800 years later one of these temples was found 7 metres below the City of London. The ruins were discovered in 1954 and were open to the public for a short period. Unfortunately the ruins were on the way of building development and were relocated close by without giving a damn about the historic accuracy.


Fortunately though, in 2010 Bloomberg purchased the 1950s development and decided to restore the temple to its original location and at the end on 2017 the temple was opened to public.



Exhibition whisks you back about 1800 years. With the play of light and sounds, for 15 minutes, you get to be part of a mysterious ritual held at Mithras temple. Access to the exhibition is free, but make sure you book your visit in advance! And while you are waiting for your slot, you have a chance to check the Roman artifacts found around the temple and learn more about the Mithras and the cult from the interactive panels.



It’s a perfect hidden gem if you happen to hang around the City of London on the weekend. City area is quite abandoned anyway over the weekend, so it’s the best time to go. However more slots are available during weekdays (especially in the morning).

Sadly for our vlog, filming in the exhibition area is prohibited.

Closest tube stations are Bank (Central line), Cannon Street and Mansion House (District and Circle line).

For more information and booking your slot, visit:

#monthinminutes – February 2017

On global scale, month of February started with travel-ban chaos and “Bowling Green massacre” in US, ended with Brexit bill being passed to House of Lords without guaranteeing EU citizen rights to stay in UK.

On Beard scale it was an exciting month of interesting projects that included travels to cold and snowy Estonia and wandering in the woods. Also filming a vlog in Barbican. And on top of everything else – Holiday in Gran Canaria and a hike to North of the Island.

#monthinminutes – January 2017

When it comes to Christmas trees, January is particularly sad – you know… in December they are being brought in, made feel important and special. Then come January, they are out on a street. It’s a disaster, very sad…

On broader scale – January 2017 introduced the beginning the new era of Trump’s alternative facts and people finally got some clarity in regards of Brexit… Yes still happening…

But in this odd soup of sad Christmas trees and alternative facts, the world keeps turning and we are appreciating spending time with our friends, going to the movies and theatre and checking out luxury yachts. We also find that it’s equally important to surround us with artsy foxes, show solidarity with 100 000 people on Women’s March. And continue travelling and exploring…

Well… long story short – this is our January 2017:

12 very very useful apps for London

We had a look at our phones and decided to list the apps that we tend to use more often than not to make our lives little more streamlined in this hustling-bustling metropolis called London.

List of apps is below, but make sure to check out the above video to see more about the apps themselves and how they help us.

Getting around:
– Google Maps
– CityMapper
– Uber
– Hailo

What’s happening:
– Time Out
– Yplan

– OpenTable
– Deliveroo
– Just Eat

– Prime Now

– WhatsApp

– Any weather app (because, you know… this is all we talk about here…)

Before you start using these apps, please make sure to check your data provider’s terms and conditions as charges may apply if you use them outside of WiFi network.

We are curious to know what apps you are using and if there’s anything crucial we might have left off. Leave your comment here or under the video.

And obviously, if there are any topics you are interested about London, please let us know and we can look into them.

#monthinminutes – December 2016

With Britain still being decisively indecisive of how to actually tackle the whole situation called Brexit (you know… only 6 months have passed after all) and US president elect tweeting all sorts of mixed messages left and right, one thing remained certain – Christmas and 2017 were coming.

So, our lives rolled on in holiday spirit – for the first time in ever we even got a tree!

Full December antics are now up on our YouTube channel.

London Christmas Lights 2016 (part 1)

Christmas season in London is in full swing and Christmas lights are shining bright.
We got our share from Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Covent Garden (and Seven Dials).

And if you are not able to come to twinkling London town, check out the 360 views!

We’ll be roaming around London soon again to capture the lights on Strand, Trafalgar Square and South Bank, so watch this space.

Launching new vlog format #monthinminutes – November

At the moment we are living in the World that is post-Brexit vote and pre-Trump US.
We therefore decided to start documenting little snippets of our daily lives to see how (if at all) these two game changing factors influence upcoming months in our lives.

First one is now up on YouTube.

King of comfort foods – Chicken soup Estonian style

Here’s our ultimate king of comfort foods that cures all illnesses and blues one could have – Chicken Soup.

Chicken soup Estonian Beards style
Portions: Enough for Two Beards
Time: 40-50 min

Difficulty: medium


1,5l of water
4 chicken thighs (or 6 drumsticks)
Chicken or vegetable stock
3 medium potatoes
2 medium carrots
1 small broccoli
5 peppercorns
1 laurel leaf
Handful of parsley

Dumpling like thingies:
1 egg
1tbs melted butter
500ml flour
200ml milk

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